How to Stay Active during Night Shifts

Night shifts can really play a havoc to your health. This is because night time is made for sleeping, but some people have to stay active during this period. If it is a case of one or two days, then its still okay. But if you have to work every night for a long time, then you can get into the trap of the sleep disorder called excessive sleepiness. Actually human body is not compatible with active night tasks. So, you can often feel that you are drowning badly. Hence the question of how to stay active is a big hurdle for those who want to get some sound rest and sleep. So here are some fine tips that can help you out in this matter. View right here!!

How to Stay Active during Night Shifts

Tips for Staying Active during Night Shifts

Light up your surroundings: According to an experiment, in a simulated night shift those who were exposed to more light and wore sunglasses on their way to home had faced less difficulty in sleeping at home after their night working hours. Some researchers have also shown that people who are exposed to more conditions were more alert and they felt less abnormal.

Take healthy snacks: You can take fruit and veggie snacks, nuts or roasted chickpeas at your workplace during your night shift. Do not work for long hours to have a full meal. Because at night it is good to be contented but not full. This brings a lot of sleepiness while working. Avoid dehydrating yourself because it can create headaches and cramping.

Be active: If you have a sitting job, then stand up and do some walking after short intervals of working. Doing light exercises like moving your head and arms upward and downward will keep you active, and you will be able to work till long hours at night.

Listen upbeat music: Do listen to peppy music to keep you active and alert.

Avoid caffeine:  Taking too much of caffeine or taking it near the end of your work can hinder a good sleep when you reach home. So avoid taking it just before you are wrapping your work.

Sleep at time: You should sleep before and after your night shift. This will help you to stay fresh in your office and you will be able to enjoy your work without the disturbance of any sleep strokes.

Apart from it, you can also do some yoga and meditation when you get some free time from your work. But do not do any strenuous physical activity right after your work. It will create disturbance in getting a sound sleep. So take care of yourself and stay healthy!! Good luck!!

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