Home Remedies To Quit Drinking

So, if you are wondering how to quit alcohol naturally then you can take help of the following home remedies to quit drinking.

• Keeping the mouth and brain occupied at most of the times is a highly useful tip for quitting alcohol addiction. So, try to engage yourself in some other activity by taking up a productive hobby. Including exercising in your routine is another great way of keeping yourself engaged in a positive way. Besides, a good workout stimulates the brain by releasing dopamine.

Home Remedies To Quit Drinking

• As alcohol addiction is hard to give up in one go, you can reduce alcohol consumption to a safe level and eventually stop drinking it altogether.

You can start by staying on an increased juice diet for ten days to replace the body’s urge to consume liquids (as alcohol) with healthy juices. In addition, avoid going to pubs, bars, do not indulge in social activities involving drinking and keep a firm and consistent determination to quit alcohol. Stay optimistic and energetic.

• Certain vitamins (especially vitamin B) and supplements are highly beneficial in reducing alcohol dependency and dealing with withdrawal symptoms. Sleeping, too, is one of the simplest natural home remedies to quit drinking as it prevent withdrawal symptoms to some extent.

• Chewing sugarless gums eating candies, and consuming crunchy foods like apple, carrot, cucumber, salad, etc is considered as an efficient home remedy for getting rid of alcohol addiction as these items keep the mouth busy. However, try not to binge on junk food relentlessly. Restrict smoking as well because it tends to stimulate the urge for alcohol.

• Having a glass of water mixed with half a glass of celery juice is helpful in suppressing sugar cravings caused by limiting alcohol intake. Therefore, when you are making efforts to stop drinking alcohol then make sure you have access to this diluted celery juice two times in a day.

Plus, include more whole grains like barley, millet, brown rice and nuts like raw almonds, cashews etc in the diet. The aim, here, is to stabilize drop in blood sugar levels resulting from alcohol cravings.

• Sunflower seeds, dates, bananas, carrot juice, apple juice and evening primrose oil are also beneficial in control alcohol cravings. Dates, in particular, can be taken in the form of a mixture consisting of five crushed dates mixed in a glass of water. Continue consuming this mixture two times in a day for about a month to get rid of alcohol addiction.

• A combination of three parts of thyme root and two parts each of knotgrass tops and wormwood tops is serves as one of the most valuable herbal home remedies to quit drinking. Adding this combination in boiling water and drinking it helps in the home treatment of alcohol addiction.

• Acorus, kudzu, golden root, passion flower and other such herbs also work as good natural cures for alcoholism as they help reduce alcohol dependency. It is recommended to consult a qualified nutritionist before adopting any herbal remedies to stop drinking.

• Having a glass of buttermilk mixed with three teaspoons of juice extracted from bitter gourd leaves is another effective natural way help to quit drinking alcohol. Take this mixture early in the morning on empty stomach for at least one month. In addition, it helps repair liver damage as well.

• Grape diet is a popular natural remedy to quit drinking alcohol. It not only helps reduce the addiction but also helps in detoxification of liver. This natural treatment involves a diet in which you are only allowed to eat grapes three times in a day for about 25 days.

• Alternative therapies like yoga and meditation also serve as highly beneficial natural home remedies to quit drinking by keeping the mind and body relaxed.

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