Effective Ways of Losing Body Fat

Losing weight is often a daunting task for the majority of people struggling with excess body weight or obesity. Adhering to healthy foods is one way of achieving weight loss. However, you require dedication and hard work to lose weight. Therefore, you should not blame your food for failing to help you achieve your desired weight. There are many weight loss and diet programs available, but there is nothing more effective than the fat loss factor. The program recommends several effective ways of losing weight including:

Effective Ways of Losing Body Fat

Do strength training

Exercises use muscles. This goes a long way in building the muscle mass, while the muscle tissue burns additional calories, even during rest. According to research findings, 10 pounds of muscle can burn 50 calories daily during rest, while 10 pounds of body fat can burn 20 calories. Therefore, strength training and aerobic exercise offer an effective way of increasing metabolism and burning more calories. Strength training is important especially when we get older, at a time when the metabolic rate slows down. Therefore, adding strength training to the workout, several times a week can contribute significantly to fat loss. The largest burners or calories are ideally the largest muscles, including the thighs, arms, chest and abdomen.

Eat low-fat dairy

Low-fat dairy contains calcium that does not effectively burn more calories. However, the calcium can do several things to discourage body fat. According to research findings, humans can absorb less fat calories from their meal when they consume calcium present in low-fat dairy. Other studies reveal that eating more calcium rich foods, such as low-fat dairy products generates reduced fat belly, especially in young white male adults.

Drink water

Every activity performed by the body helps to burn calories, including absorbing water while maintaining the fluid balance. Drinking about 2 liters of water everyday can help burn as much as 100 extra calories daily, which translates to 700 calories every week or 2,800 calories every month. However, one must be careful to avoid drinking excess amounts of water.

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