Change Your Life and Lose Weight

Wanting to lose that extra weight keeping you down, and achieve that body you have always wanted? The first thing you are going to want to do is change your daily lifestyle habits and replace your bad habits with healthier ones. Here are a few changes you can make to lead to that happy and healthier life that will keep you energized and strong. Stay strong and stay dedicated!

Change Your Life and Lose Weight

1. Change Your Post-Work Habits:

When most people finish a long stressful day of work, it is common for them to go out to happy hour with coworkers and slam beers, or go to the local dinner and indulge in fatty foods… or even both! instead of doing these unhealthy routines, you can change them by going out to the gym to pump iron or maybe out to the park and go for a stroll or run. if you are too tired for that, just go home and cooks yourself a chicken breast with rice instead of stopping for drive-through at your local fast food joint. Doing this will be key for building your body and repelling all those deep-fried fatty foods.

2. Blast Your Ears Out With Music:

Load up your iPod or mp3 device with a playlist of motivational music (Rocky Theme anyone?). There is nothing like working out and having your music motivate you to work harder. You will push through for that extra rep when normally you would tell yourself you are tired, or you will pick up speed on your treadmill when that awesome guitar solo gets you going. Change things up and add music while you workouts, who doesn’t like music?

3. Yoga Yoga Yoga:

Yoga is a lot harder than it seems, holding those positions takes a lot of strength and balance. It is also very relaxing and it helps a great many people forget about their stressful lives as they stretch. When you leave you will feel energized, refreshed, and ready to take down the rest of you day! You will also see yourself getting more and more flexible the more you do it. Namaste.

4. Quit Upgrading Your Meals:

Keep it Simple - Every time you go to a restaurant or fast food joint, the always ask “Would you like to upgrade to a large?” “Would you like that potato loaded?”, or “Want to supersize that coke?”. Stop doing this, it is suffice to say you are overindulging on what your body takes in and those increasing the calories, carbs, and salts. Stay in control, i know you can do it!

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