7 Quick Weight Loss Tips

As more and more people spend hours bound to their desks the obesity epidemic is only getting bigger and scarier. Statistics show that most adults and children are weighing more than their counterparts of a decade ago. The worrying fact is that these folks are not just overweight they are obese. Here we share 10 tips to help lose weight quickly.

7 Quick Weight Loss Tips

1. Count the calories – That is right. Keep a tab on the calorie intake. Consume just enough calories to match your lifestyle. A 40-year old female weighing 67 kgs and measuring 150cm with a very light exercise schedule needs to consume 1214 calories/day to lose half a kilo per week. To maintain the same weight the person can consume 1714 calories. Work out your calorie intake using online calorie calculators and watch the weight disappear magically.

2. Drink water – Most often our brain signals hungry when it is actually thirsty. Through years of misuse our brain’s signals system for thirst has been blunted. Try this. Drink water and wait for 15 minutes to see if you still feel hungry. Most likely you won’t. Drink 6-8 glasses of water to keep your body hydrated. Drink more if you exercise a lot or out in the hot sun.

3. TV, laptops, game consoles, computers and smart phones are keeping people indoors hooked to them. Dump the devices. Decide to take action and get out. Walk, run, jog, swim, play a game of tag or basket ball with neighborhood kids. If you have to watch a particular TV program use that time to grab some exercise. Skip or dance in front of TV, walk on the treadmill or do your aerobics.

4. Stock your kitchen with a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, cereals and low-fat dairy. if you feel hungry grab an apple or a bunch of grapes. If you want some variety include a few nuts like almonds, pistachios or peanuts.

5. If you want to have an occasional treat indulge yourself but exercise restraint. If you love cupcakes and pastries, go ahead but avoid the frosting if possible and stick to one cupcake not three.

6.Instead of buying a double cream latte, choose a low-fat version, instead of sandwiches from the office cafeteria which are loaded with calories, make your own home-made sandwiches with fresh cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes and lean meats. Add salt, pepper, herbs and spices for added flavors. Vary the breads and the makings and you can enjoy an unlimited array of sandwiches. Just skip the mayo and butter.

7. Allot a fixed time everyday for your exercise routines or gym work. This helps form a habit and your body will crave for exercise after a few weeks of maintaining a regular schedule. If you are too busy then snatch a few minutes from different parts of your day. Take 5 minutes to skip in the mornings, 10 minutes in the after noon to walk around the office during the lunch break, a few minutes in the evening to do an intense 7 minute work-out and another 10 minutes to walk after dinner. Take the stairs, walk to supermarket, shovel the snow. Everything adds up.

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