6 Tips To Make Your Teeth Whiter and Healthier

The real teeth color is white, but with so many food substances passing through the teeth and due to the age factor, the teeth color can not stand white forever. That’s what we should care about.

If you have a problem with the appearance of your teeth, do not worry because now there are many ways to treat and overcome them.

6 Tips To Make Your Teeth Whiter and Healthier

Here are 6 Tips To keep your Teeth Whiter and Healthier:

1) The easy and simple way to keep your teeth whiter is to brush your teeth three times a day after meal. But do not be too hard when brushing as this can damage your teeth. For better result, use an electric toothbrush and set a time to brush your teeth for two minutes.

2) Strawberry is a very special teeth whitening fruit. It’s easy, just mash strawberries and stick it on all your teeth by using finger. Let it for one to two minutes. After that, brush teeth thoroughly until clean.

3) Take care before already be damaged. Use a straw if you drink coffee, tea, sodas and red wine. Thus, the drink not touch teeth directly. Those drinks are usually cause the teeth damaged.

4) The fastest and easiest way is by bleaching. This kind of dental treatment available at many dental clinics and beauty clinic. Such treatments can last for two to three years. But still, after bleaching, you should maintain your food and beverages consumed.

5) Some substances may stick in your teeth with ease. Therefore you should prevent the formation of dental stains or plaque. Use broccoli, lettuce or spinach to prevent it. That Vegetables proved very effective to prevent teeth stains affairs.

6) Multiply the consumption of food that serves as a natural tooth whitener. For examples fruit and vegetables. Natural materials are quite effective for cleaning teeth including, apples, carrots and celery.

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