18 Hangover Home Remedies

You knew it wasn’t a good idea to have that extra vodka martini, and now you are waking up to a pounding headache, dizziness, and an upset stomach. Drinking too much alcohol sends the body into a tailspin, and usually ends up haunting you for the rest of the day after. Thankfully, there are hangover home remedies known to ease the discomfort, such as fruits that can replenish lost electrolytes, liquids that combat dehydration, and foods that increase your energy and vitamins.

18 Hangover Home Remedies

18 Hangover Home Remedies

There’s nothing worse than waking up to a throbbing headache accompanied by a slew of other unpleasant symptoms. Eating something is a good way to not only decrease the rate at which alcohol will infiltrate your bloodstream, but also to ease the aftereffects of a hangover. To learn how to rejuvenate your system, consider the following hangover home remedies:

1) Honey:
Buzz like a little bee to the nearest honeypot and enjoy a couple of tablespoons of honey to start your morning. The fructose found in the honey helps tackle common hangover symptoms. For better results, spread honey on plain crackers.

2) Bouillon:
Make a homemade soup broth out of bouillon cubes dissolved in hot water to replace the salt and potassium lost when too much alcohol is consumed.

3) Toast and Crackers:
In an effort to elevate your blood sugar level, bland foods such as toast and crackers, do the trick. These foods will also treat an unsettled stomach.

4) Pickles:
The minerals found in pickle juice have helped people living in Poland for many years when they’ve needed to rejuvenate from a night of heavy partying. Drink the salty juice to feel better.

5) Gatorade:
Gatorade and other sports drinks contain the electrolytes and salts that your body needs in order to recoup from a hangover.

6) Vitamin C:
Eat foods and drink beverages that contain vitamin C, which helps break down the excess alcohol in your system. Orange juice is highly recommended because it contains a lot of fructose.

7) Coffee:
Drinking two cups of coffee will help ease a pounding hangover headache. The brew works on decreasing the swelling of blood vessels that comes when you’ve drank too much alcohol.

8) Eggs:
Eating cooked eggs will help absorb the toxins in the liver left behind by drinking too much alcohol.

9) Sauerkraut and Boiled Cabbage:
From ancient Egyptians to Eastern European countries, sauerkraut and boiled cabbage are known to possess components known to relieve the effects of a hangover.

10) Ice:
To treat a headache, fill a plastic bag with crushed ice (or small ice cubes) and place on your forehead. If the coldness is too much for you – wrap the ice bag in a dry towel.

11) Soup:
A lot of hangover cures involve making a soup because it not only warms the body and comforts the senses, but also provides the brain and body with rehydrating liquid.

12) Aspirin:
When you’re left with a headache after a night of heavy drinking, a dose of aspirin, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen can chase the pain away.

13) Bananas:
When you drink too much alcohol, the body loses carbohydrates and potassium levels drop. Bananas will deliver a nutritional boost with complex carbohydrates, as well as energize your body.

14) Canned Fish:
The minerals found in canned fish products are thought to ease some of the symptoms of a hangover.

15) Pepto-Bismol:
To combat a queasy or unsettled stomach, reach for the pink concoction known as Pepto Bismol – a common item found in many bathroom cabinets.

16) Tomato Juice:
The high amount of fructose found in a glass of tomato juice will assist your body in getting rid of excess alcohol in the body. After awakening to the aftermath of heavy drinking, pour a glass of tomato juice to feel better.

17) Eat Carbs:
When choosing foods to eat after waking up to a hangover, select a small amount of healthy carbohydrates to replenish amino acids (the building blocks of protein) in your body.

18) Ginger:
To ease the symptoms of a hangover, try brewing a cup of ginger tea. To make, add one teaspoon of dried ginger or two teaspoons of grated fresh ginger to one cup of boiling water. Cover the liquid for around 10 minutes, and then drink shortly afterwards.

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