Eating Just Salad & Protein for Fast Weight Loss

Eating Just Salad & Protein for Fast Weight Loss

It can be hard to figure out what to eat when you need to lose weight, and a diet that only includes a few types of foods may be tempting because it is simple. A menu with only salad and protein can help you lose weight, but you would need to plan it carefully to reduce your risk of health problems from dietary imbalances. The best diet for weight loss also meets your nutrient requirements, and a nutritionist can work with you to develop the best plan for your individual needs.

Eating Just Salad & Protein for Fast Weight Loss

Weight Loss

To lose 1 lb. of body fat, you need to expend 3,500 more calories than you consume, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A healthy rate of weight loss is 1 to 2 lbs. per week, or an average deficit of 500 to 1,000 calories per day, and eating just salad and protein can help you lose weight faster if you choose low-calorie salad ingredients and lean sources of protein.

Nutritional Considerations

When you eat just salad and protein for fast weight loss, you may be able to get adequate amounts of the nutrients that are in fruits and vegetables, such as dietary fiber, potassium, vitamin A and vitamin C. Your diet may also be sufficient in iron, which is in meats, and vitamin B-12, which is in animal foods. Choose fatty fish or fat-free dairy products, such as milk, cheese or yogurt, to meet your calcium needs. You may need a multivitamin and mineral supplement for certain nutrients, such as many of the B vitamins, which are in enriched or fortified grains.

Sample Day

On a weight loss diet with just salad and protein, your breakfast could include fat-free cottage cheese, which is high in protein, and a fruit salad with berries, grapes and cut melon, apples or pears. A salad with greens, cut raw vegetables, lean protein, such as grilled chicken or canned tuna, and reduced-calorie dressing could be your lunch, and your dinner could be a serving of lean protein, such as a veggie burger, grilled shrimp or fish, and a side salad with greens. Snacks may include protein foods such as low-fat string cheese, beef jerky or hard-boiled eggs.


When you only eat salad and proteins, you may lose weight rapidly at first because of losing water weight as the result a low carbohydrate intake, which has a diuretic effect, according to the Mayo Clinic. A diet with just salad and protein may eventually become boring, and you may go off the diet before you reach your goals. If you return to your former eating habits, you may even regain the weight that you lost.
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Detox Your Liver to Lose Belly Fat

Detox Your Liver to Lose Belly Fat

As long as one of the functions of your liver, among others, is to produce bile, which somehow controls your weight, because it breaks down fat, it is important to cleanse your liver if you want to be healthy, but also in order to lose weight.

How do you do this?

There are natural ways of cleansing your liver: foods and herbal supplements.

Detox Your Liver to Lose Belly Fat

  • Citruses such as lemons, limes and grapefruits help the cleansing of the liver because their high content of vitamin C; they also produce enzymes that aid to the elimination of toxins;
  • Vegetables are also recommended: either you choose to consume garlic, leafy green vegetables, or cruciferous vegetables, you make a good choice for your health; they activate enzymes necessary to the liver in the process of eliminating toxins;
  • Walnuts and avocados both help the production of glutathione – an essential compound that your body produces in order to get rid of the toxins;
  • Because they contain vitamin B, whole grains are recommended in order to chase away the toxins produced when you eat wheat flour, which is a source of lots of toxins;
  • The well-known antioxidant properties of the green tea are also very beneficial for the health of (not only) your liver, because they improve its function;
Herbal supplements:
  • Turmeric is a spice which helps your liver to get rid of toxins, when consumed either in foods or by taking capsules that contain it;
  • Tablets of dandelion roots are also recommended – they prevent indigestion and the swelling of your liver;
  • There are certain substances which are dangerous for your liver cells; in order to prevent their production, it is advisable to consume milk thistle (doses of 140mg are recommended);
  • Sometimes, your liver tissue needs regeneration – if you want to stimulate it, you should consume globe artichoke.
Change your lifestyle!
  • There are certain things you do on a daily basis and which affect your liver.
  • It is recommended to avoid certain foods: reduce the amount of dairy and meat, try not to eat so many processed foods and never consume fast food, it is maybe the worst thing you do for your health.
  • This type of food contains lots of chemicals and thus produces toxins that your liver cannot keep the pace with when it comes to getting rid of them.
  • What you have to do is to drink a lot of water – it aids to the elimination of toxins.
  • Also, try to reduce the stress, avoid the situations that cause it, because it is closely related to your digestive system and it can crucially affect it.
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6 Ways to Lose Weight from Your Face

6 Ways to Lose Weight from Your Face

  • Widen your eyes and stare at a particular point in front of your face. Hold your face for ten seconds, and then relax it (Do this four times).
  • Make a fish face by sucking in your cheeks (Do this five times).

  • Take a deep breath and then exhale from the mouth (Repeat it four times).
  • Fill your mouth with air. Press your lips together and close your mouth. Now move the trapped air from one side to the other (Keep doing this for 5 minutes to get rid of chubby cheek).

  • Form an ‘O’ shape with your lips and blow out the air, as if you are whistling.

  • Look upwards and blow air out of your mouth, as hard as you can (This will help strengthen your jaw line).
  • Smiling is the best exercise to shed fat from your face.
6 Ways to Lose Weight from Your Face

Chew chewing gum

The constant chewing action will use many muscles in the face and if you enjoy chewing gum, it’s not going to be hard to do.

Chew sugar-free gum. Avoid adding any more sugar to your diet than needed.

Drink Water

The golden rule of losing weight is to drink plenty of water. It keeps you hydrated and also flushes out all the toxins.

Use makeup to minimize larger areas of the face

Makeup is used to disguise all manner of things on the face. It can also be used to reduce the sense of breadth.

Use blush that is than the hue of your skin.

- Draw it from the exterior of the face to the inner. It gives an impression of more sculpted cheeks and looks good.

Use contouring to thin the face.

Contouring can make a less defined face seem thinner, by accentuating the cheekbones and using shading to tone down and highlight different parts of the face.

- Contouring can make already-slim faces seem hollow and tired. Be careful how much contouring is used.

- Ask for a contouring lesson with a local makeup artist. This person will be able to best advise you on what to play up and what to tone down with respect to your own face. It takes time to learn to contour well, so keep practicing.

Arch your eyebrows

- Arched eyebrows that have a little thickness (but not too much) can slim down a face. These can be made to stand out by using a shade slightly darker than your natural eyebrow color.

Use concealer to cover up under-eye circles.

- These circles can add the appearance of weight to your face.

Eat healthily/ Avoid junk food

Restrict the amount of calories you consume to those needed for a person of your height, gender and age. Calorie tables are available from government authorities responsible for nutrition information in your country. Or, ask your doctor for advice appropriate to you.

Keep smiling

Smiling is the best opportunity you can have to trim down your cheek fat. It’s a best and most easy workout you can do for your cheeks. Let’s see how technically it’s helpful for you to lessen the cheek fat. A smile stretches the muscles of your cheeks. This muscle stretching may lose the fats of the cheeks and really help in to resolve this problem.
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Homemade Lemon and Mint Drink That Removes Belly Fat

Homemade Lemon and Mint Drink That Removes Belly Fat

Belly fat can be, for many women, a primary obsession in the summer. Therefore, drinking plenty of fluids it’s recommended, especially the introduction of drinks containing ingredients that burn fat in your daily diet.

Mint has curative effects and improves the bile activity in fat digestion process. The lemon adds special flavor to keep you away from sweeteners, fierce “enemies” of a flat abdomen.

Homemade Lemon and Mint Drink That Removes Belly Fat

You need:
  • Two and a half cups of lemon juice and 15 mint leaves.
How to prepare:
  • This beverage preparation is an unusual one: Pour the lemon juice into an ice cube container and put one mint leaf in each space. After freezing, add 3 “ice” cubes “in a glass of water three times a day (minimum).
  • Drink this beverage especially in the morning, to accelerate metabolism and to benefit from the additional effect of detoxification.
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Lose 4 Inch Off Your Waistline With This Cucumber Drink

Lose 4 Inch Off Your Waistline With This Cucumber Drink

Every woman wants a wasp waist, in record time if possible. Well, this recipe promises to reduce 4 inch off your waistline.

This diet should be followed for 4 days and you have to stay away from temptations like eating fast food, alcohol and sweets and you should consume only healthy food.

Lose 4 Inch Off Your Waistline With This Cucumber Drink

  • 1 Cucumber
  • 1 Lemon
  • 1 Teaspoon of powdered ginger
  • 12 Mint leaves
  • 2 Liters of water
How to prepare:

- Cut the cucumber and lemon into slices. Pour the water in a bowl then add all the other ingredients. Mix well and leave the drink in the fridge overnight. Strain the mixture the next day. Eat only the liquid part throughout the day.

- After the 4 days you can eat whatever you want, but it’s important not to overdo the eating.
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Thicker Hair and Younger Skin: Amazing Mixture That Works Wonders For Women

Thicker Hair and Younger Skin: Amazing Mixture That Works Wonders For Women

Women who are already used this elixir say that this improved their appearance, their skin is smooth and flexible and hair became thicker. It seems hard to believe, but it’s true: you can prepare this elixir of youth at home and you’ll be convinced too. If you want to get younger skin, you can do it without resorting to expensive cosmetics.

Thicker Hair and Younger Skin: Amazing Mixture That Works Wonders For Women

You need:
  • 100 grams of flaxseed
  • 2 lemons
  • 0,5 kg of honey
  • 1 garlic clove

1) Peel 1 lemon and keep the other one integral. After you peeled the garlic, put it in a blender with the two lemons. Add honey and flaxseed and mix well. Put the mixture into a glass jar and store it in the refrigerator.

2) You need to eat one tablespoon three times a day, before each meal. If you use this elixir of youth for skin and hair regularly, you’ll get incredible results, easily noticed within 30 days.

3) Lemon is an excellent source of vitamin C, a great antioxidant. It strengthens the immune system and blood vessels. Garlic cleans blood vessels, while honey nourishes them. These ingredients help rejuvenate our body.

4) Flax seeds are rich in fatty acids. More than half of the fatty acids contain omega 3. They contain two times more omega 3 than fish oil. Furthermore, flaxseeds are rich in essential oxidants, which combined with lemon helps cleanse the liver. A clean liver is the engine of youth!
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Amazing Food That Women With Waistline Problems Need to Consume

Amazing Food That Women With Waistline Problems Need to Consume

People who eat prunes twice a day during weight loss diet can easily lose weight because these fruits help maintain satiety sensation.

Scientists from the University of Liverpool, UK, monitored weight and appetite of 100 overweight and obese people, men and women who have received comprehensive advice on the diet they need to follow.

Half of the study participants received two daily snacks with prunes – men ate 170 grams of prunes a day and women 140 grams per day.

Amazing Food That Women With Waistline Problems Need to Consume

Both groups of volunteers loss about two kilograms in weight and waists were thinned by an average of 2.5 centimeters in three months.

However, weight loss was faster in the group that consumed dried plums, especially towards the end of the three months.

Most likely, due to large amount of fiber existing in the fruit, the volunteers did not feel hunger.

According to researcher Jason Halford, prunes ability to satisfy hunger is a benefit that compensates relatively high sugar content, saying that other dried fruits such as raisins, have similar beneficial effects, which is why dried fruit snacking are ideal for weight loss.
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